This directory lists people and companies who’ve attended Greywater Action’s 5 day training for installers and existing greywater businesses in Greywater Action’s extended network. If you don’t see someone in your area, please visit this page for advice.

Greywater Action Associates: After completing the 5 day course, these people have gone on to complete, install, and document a minimum of five systems professionally. They have collaborated with Greywater Action, and are working to provide eduction about greywater systems in their local area as well as to ease permitting barriers.

Level 2 Installers: These people have completed Greywater Action’s 5 day “Greywater System Design and Installation” course, and have installed at least two systems on their own, submitting photos and documentation of the systems to Greywater Action.

Level 1 Installers: These people have completed Greywater Action’s 5 day “Greywater System Design and Installation” course. They have completed a certification examination with a score of 80% or higher, and also successfully installed a greywater system in a small group.

Greywater Cascadia

Greywater Cascadia
Pacific Northwest
I have always been fascinated with the natural world, its patterns, constant change, and the ecological cycles forever keeping a fragile balance. It was from this fascination, and my obsession with simple machines, puzzles, and problem solving, that Greywater Cascadia was born. In 2005 I started working with a "Jack of all Trades" restoring houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It was there I first gained experience in drainage and waste plumbing. In 2007 I moved to Vermont where I studied Sustainable Building and Design at Yestermorrow Design/ Build School. By 2010 I had made my way back home to the west coast, where I completed a Greywater installers Certification course through Greywater Action. I have since installed numerous systems, provided consultation on a variety of projects, and taught several workshops.

I can provide design consultation and guidance in the states of Oregon and Washington. I also am available, and enjoy, teaching classes and leading workshops.