Laundry to landscape

Labeled 3-way valveLabeled 3-way valveThe hose from the washing machine is connected to a 3-way valve. This allows the greywater to be diverted to either the sewer/septic, or the greywater system. Labeling the valve is important so anyone using the system will know where they are sending the greywater.

Auto vent or in-line vent Auto vent or in-line ventA 1 1/2 inch hole is drilled into the side of the house so the 1 inch PVC pipe can exit. Before drilling careful attention is made to ensure the hole will not damage electrical wires, water pipes, or structural features of the building. The hole is sealed from the outside to prevent moisture, air, or bugs from getting into the house.

The auto vent must be installed at the high point of the greywater line! It prevents accidental siphoning of water from the washing machine.

Greywater going through floor to crawl spaceGreywater going through floor to crawl spaceAlternatively, the auto vent can be included inside the house. Anytime the greywater pipe needs to travel through the floor, the auto vent must be installed inside, at the high point of the line.

PVC to poly tube connectionPVC to poly tube connectionOnce outside, the 1 inch PVC pipe transitions into a 1 inch poly tube (or HDPE).

Using a 3-way valve to create two zonesUsing a 3-way valve to create two zones 2 zones using ball valves2 zones using ball valvesA brass 1" 3-way diverter valve can be used in the landscape to create two zones. By turning the red handle, greywater can be directed to two separate areas.

An alternate, lower cost method of creating zones is to use two, 2-way ball valves. By opening one valve at a time, water can be directed to either direction. This method requries careful attention so both valves are never closed at the same time! If both valves were closed it could damage the washing machine pump. One method to prevent this is to tie one valve open with a twist tie or wire, and swith it to the other valve when changing zones.

Burying tubeBurying tube Half inch lines to to plantsHalf inch lines to to plantsIn the landscape the 1 inch tube is buried.

Outlet for greywaterOutlet for greywater Greywater flows into mulch shieldGreywater flows into mulch shieldEach outlet of greywater is discharged under the mulch shield, 2" is the California code requirement. The mulch shield can be covered by a paving stone for asthetics.

Greywater irrigates under mulchGreywater irrigates under mulch A greywater irrigated landscape.A greywater irrigated landscape.