Siphoning bath water


How do I siphon water from my bathtub?


Shower greywater can often be inaccessible, drainpipes buried in a concrete slab foundation, or shower drain connected with the toilet drain inside a wall or floor. Though it is theoretically possible to access the water, it can be prohibitively expensive. In these situations, or in rental situations, the bathwater can still be used by way of a siphon. Two ways to siphon water:

  1. A pump to start the siphon. Find a pump at a marine supply house, from Grainger, or possibly a hardware store. Here is an article hose out windowhose out windowfrom the Grist about siphoning bath water.
  2. A product from England that has some images of easy ways to connect/disconnect hoses for creating siphons.
  3. A garden hose to start the siphon:
    1. 1st put a garden hose at the bottom of the tub, weighted down.
    2. 2nd send the hose out the window 
    3. 3rd attach a garden hose shut-off valve to the end outside hose shut off valvehose shut off valve
    4. 4th temporarily connect the regular garden hose to the siphon hose, turn on the water and fill the hose,
    5. 5th turn the shut of valve to the off position
    6. 6th detach the hose
    7. 7th, when you open the shut off gravity will create a siphon and the rest of the water in the tub will flow out the hose.