Greywater recycling projects

Laundry drum

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Oakland, CA

The hose from the washing machine is placed out an open window into a surge tank. A garden hose is attached to the bottom of the tank and is moved around the yard to irrigate.

Laundry to landscape

Labeled 3-way valveLabeled 3-way valveIt's easy to follow the guidelines required for a no-permit system from the new California plumbing code. The system needs to have a way to switch back to the sewer/septic, not have any pooling of greywater, be discharged under 2 inches of mulch, and a few more basic guidelines.

Woodchip biofilter for kitchen sink wetlands

Assembling a woodchip biofilter to trap grease and food particles.Assembling a woodchip biofilter to trap grease and food particles.Greywater from the kitchen sink contains grease and food particles, which can cause clogging and slow infiltration into the soil. After years of sometimes foul-smelling experimentation, greywater pioneers have concluded that the best way to trap grease and food particles and create habitat for decomposers is with woodchips in a mulch basin, not in a woodchip biofilter.