Pipe Dreams Greywater

Business Name: Pipe Dreams Greywater
Area: Northern California
Location: Sacramento

Pipe Dreams offers design, consultation and installation of greywater and rainwater collection systems in the Sacramento, CA area. Pipe Dream’s owner Kent Thompson is a licensed contractor in Sacramento, CA and has been installing greywater and rainwater collection systems since 2011. He sees greywater as an excellent appropriate technology for water conservation and reuse in the our climate.  Kent has installed dozens of systems and can bring that experience to your project.   Kent is a knowledgeable gardener that assists clients in matching greywater supply to your landscape.
Pipe Dreams can also conduct workshops and presentations on greywater for clubs or cities wanting to learn more

Business Contact: Kentthompson@gmx.com, (913) 579-3308
Services: Consultation, L2L, Branched drain