DIY Pedal Powered Washers

Pedal powered washer made from a 55 gallon drum

Site location: Oakland, CA

pedalpower1 Pedal powered washer made from a 50 gallon drum and an old bike.The washing machine was built in 2 days from scrap material. Put your clothes and some soap (garden-friendly, like Oasis) in, fill it up with water, let it soak for half an hour, then agitate. It lives outside, so when you’re through, the water drains out a hose in the bottom, ready for convenient watering.


Pedal powered washer from an old wringer washer

Site location: San Diego, CA


A belt connects a stationary bicycle to the drive shaft of an old wringer type washer. A hose fills the machine, and water drains out to irrigate the garden.