As greywater is not clean enough for safe human contact, it should not be used directly for a pond or any other type of water feature (fountains, waterfalls, creeks, etc.). A pond of greywater will not only smell bad, it could be a health hazard if someone, like a child, played with it and drank it. For greywater to be utilized in a pond or other water feature it needs to be treated first, such as with wetland plants. Because wetland plants evapo-transpire water, there will be less water to use in the pond. In most yards, there are other plants that need irrigation, and greywater can simply and safely be used directly to irrigate them, then less fresh water can be used for the pond since it won’t need to travel through a wetland first. If there is no other need for irrigation, greywater can be treated with wetland plants and then used to create various water features. (note: this type of system will be more difficult or impossible to get a permit for.)