There are three things to keep in mind to protect public health when using greywater.

  • Do not allow greywater to pool or pond; this creates habitat for mosquitoes and a place for people to contact the water.
  • Ensure greywater soaks into the ground and does not run off into neighboring properties or places people could contact it.
  • Don’t put greywater onto the edible portion of plants. Greywater should irrigate the roots, not be sprayed or dumped onto the plant itself. Greywater is not safe to drink, and thus should not touch the part of a plant someone would eat.
  • Do not create a “cross-connection” with your system. The greywater system should be totally separate from any potable water system. For more complex systems that supplement greywater with either rainwater or municipal water, the system requires cross connection protection of an air gap or other approved device (for example, and RP).