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Hello, I am doing research on water conservation pertaining to greywater recycling products, your answers to the following questions will really help me get a feel for the mentality of the general population. Your help is greatly appreciated.

What Grey water system do you have?

What water does it reclaim? Shower? Washer? Bathtub? More?

How much was it in gallons, in savings?

What was the cost of implementation?

How invasive was implementation? New piping etc?

Is there cost benefit to you?

Do you think these systems help? Why or why not?



Would you use a grey water system?

Why or why not? What concerns you most?

Do you think these systems help? Why or why not?

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If you’re wanting to get multiple people to answer these questions I’d recommend making a google form, or other simple on-line survey. If you do that, and write up a short background on why you’re collecting the data, we could post it to our FB page and help you get responses.


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