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I am in a spot that I need help with quickly.  I live in Northeast California (in case that’s important for code considerations).  I need to prepare a greywater disposal system for an RV that my wife and I are living in.  I need this to be a system that my local code enforcement/health department will be likely to accept.  Also, I need to get this installed before the ground freezes.  This is a disposal system only- not an irrigation system.  Thanks in advance for the help

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What will be accepted will really depend on what your local agency wants and how they feel about greywater.

I would come to them with a well designed system that takes into account your soil type and show that your infiltration area is over-sized  to give extra capacity. Mulch basins or infiltration chambers are accepted in many places.

I’m attaching a permit form developed for Oakland, it should help you with the info you’ll need to provide. I’d recommend that you bring a copy of the GW code and highlight the ways you’re meeting code requirements when you go in. (Though the code requires you to have a sewer/septic options, so you’ll be asking for something a little outside of the code, but that is something rural areas around CA consider and do give permits for sometimes.)

city-of-oakland-Graywater Permit Plan and Checklist

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