Hi all, I came across this site while looking for greywater installer/system companies to invest in. I like the info though with rainwater/composting as well though, its crazy that we haven’t been using this stuff for years. I mean everybody poops and we need fertilizer so why not right? Then rainwater is a no brainer, giant barrel, simple filter, and a pump and your good to go… you would think that we would have adopted this stuff in the 1940’s and 50’s when we were getting ‘modern’ but I guess not.

Anyway I’m getting off track here…
Does anyone know of any greywater installer or system makers that are publicly traded on NYSE or even OTC markets or other markets? I’m no big time investor but I’d much rather put a few bucks in greywater or something worth investing in (worth in the social benefit stance). I found Pall corp and Calgon carbon thus far… and for anyone unfamiliar or has a few dollars or retirement account $1 invested in Pall 1 month ago would be $1.25   1 year – $1.46    5 years – $3.66
I know they do other stuff but damn with returns like that why the hell to hedge funds and big traders focus on Exxon and BP when this is where the money is at?

So if anyone knows any graywater stocks please share and if anyone here wants help getting set up investing I’ll gladly help along the way.

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