Hello water wizards!

I’m installing a 1″ HPDE L2L where the lowest point is sub-grade next to the house before rising 2.5′ upslope with a run of about 15′ to the high point and mulch basins. I’d rather not have standing water in this length of pipe to avoid extra wear on the pump.

Is there a trickle valve or some other assembly that will slowly drain this small bit of water at the lowest point? I figure I’ll need to dig a little basin there or mini drywell and have it housed in a valve box for maintenance.

UPDATE: I’ve come across an automatic filter drain valves (made by King and Rainbird) with 1/2″ MPT  – e.g. (http://store.rainbird.com/16afdvc1-filtered-drain-valve-1-2-in-mpt-connection.html)

This would be ideal except for the filter which presents a clogging issue with greywater particulates. So I need this same function but without the filter media and probably larger drain openings. Has anyone tried to reverse engineer one of these drains to remove the filter?


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You could use a 1 x 1 x .5″ tee, with a full port ball valve attached. If you shut the valve off most of the way it will only let a little water out and could act as a drain down.  This is basically the same as one of your outlets, except there is a valve that is almost all the way shut off. You can open the valve on occasion to clear it of debris.


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