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I’m designing a new home construction, and would like to use all the home’s greywater to water my yard.  I was wondering if there could be a SINGLE big drain pipe inside the house that drains out all sinks, the shower, and even the washing machine, so that it would be ONE line exiting the exterior wall, to a branched drain system? (going to more than one mulch basin, of course)

What I’m really asking is can L2L be combined with branched drain, or must they be kept separate, since the washing machine pumps the water, whereas sinks just drain by gravity?

I thought it’d be nice to have the kitchen sink be closest to the exit point, and the washing machine taking up the rear.  That way, the soapy laundry water could push out everything and clean the pipes of grease and little debris in the process.

But, maybe the siphon valve necessary in L2L is not compatible with branched drain?

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Hi Eric,

The nice thing about new home construction plumbing is you have the option to plumb all the greywater together, like you describe. However, unless your planning for a pumped and filtered system, it’s typically best to keep the flows separate. The laundry to landscape system is more flexible in its irrigation design than the branched drain (gravity) system, and can probably irrigate a different section of your yard. Depending on the greywater production in the home, you may have too much water to distribute well in a branched drain system, but it would depend on your particular situation.

I go into the decision making process in my book, Greywater, Green Landscape, if you are looking for more resources. We also have an on-line class coming up that could help you with your design.

Hope this helps!


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