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In the ‘no permit required’ ‘Single Fixture System’ there is a clause I need help to understand. It says that it’s okay to use a SINGLE DRAIN which collects water from MORE than one fixture, but still needs no permit. Does this mean that if I collect my laundry and shower and bathroom sink water in a basin with a single drain and then go to stub out or distribution that I can use water from more than one fixture without needing a permit for a ‘ Simple System’? Please help me understand.

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Hi Jerry,

That definition is from an out-dated version of the code. Under the current California greywater code the only system you can install legally without a permit is from a washing machine (and you don’t alter the plumbing to access the water- you divert from the discharge hose).

Single fixtures were allowed from August 4th, 2009 until January 27th, 2010. After that the definition was removed from the code.

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