Hi, I am looking for relatively inexpensive sources for a tanks and pumps to use with a shower GW system. In this system does the pump need to be inside the tank to push the water out or can the device remain outside the tank with access to the pull water into exit tube? Also, will moisture remaining  in tank grow bacteria? How much bacteria is a health hazard?

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Hi KH,

Usually greywater pumps are located inside the tank.

Depending on how high/far you need to pump the water, you may be able to use a saniflo pump/tank, which are small and affordable units.


If you need to send the water further/higher than this pump can do, you’ll look into a separate surge tank and an effluent pump. I have more detailed design guidance in my book, Greywater, Green Landscape.

The inside of a greywater tank is pretty yucky, but so long as you keep your irrigation portion sending the water subsurface (as most codes require) no one will have contact with the nonpotable greywater.

Hope this helps!


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