Greywater Reuse

Kiwi fruit irrigated with greywaterKiwi fruit irrigated with greywaterUsing water from sinks, showers and washing machines to irrigate plants is a way to increase the productivity of sustainable backyard ecosystems that produce food, clean water, and shelter wildlife. Learn More >>

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater enters a series of drumsRainwater enters a series of drumsHarvesting rainwater can reduce our need--and demand--for water transport systems that threaten the health of the water cycle and our local environments.

On any house lot, there are three potential sources for harvesting the rain: direct rainfall, street harvesting, and roof harvesting.Learn More >>

Composting Toilets

A homemade composting toiletA homemade composting toiletComposting and dry toilets use natural processes to turn human excreta into a valuable soil amendment. They typically use no water, or very little water in commercial scale applications.Learn More >>


Hands-on workshop- making mulch basinsHands-on workshop- making mulch basinsEducation is at the heart of our work. We provide workshops, trainings, presentations, theater, and a demonstration booth on sustainable water use technologies.Learn More >>