About rainwater harvesting

Rainbarrels line the side of a garage.Rainbarrels line the side of a garage.This page includes the main article, web resources, city resources, and links to other water harvesting organizations around the county.

Harvesting rainwater can reduce our need--and demand--for water transport systems that threaten the health of the water cycle and our local environments.

On any house lot, there are three potential sources for harvesting the rain: Direct rainfall, street harvesting, and roof harvesting.

Rainwater harvesting projects

Two rainwater barrels.Two rainwater barrels.

See rainwater harvesting projects including rainbarrels, cisterns, and curb cuts.

  • 200 gallons of rain storage using rain barrels
  • 500 gallon cistern with "first flush" diverter
  • Curb cuts to harvest street runoff water