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The Smart Yards Cooperative exists to design, build and maintain beautiful yards that are regenerative and cost-effective for residents in Santa Clara County and beyond.

The goal of Smart Yards is to develop sustainable landscapes that foster biodiversity and conservation while also meeting our human needs. This is in sharp contrast to our current economy and ecological practices based on unlimited growth and wasted resources.

Smart Yards creates beautiful landscapes that are easy on the planet, enjoyable for families, welcoming to the community, and economically feasible.  We do this by designing and building landscapes using:

non-toxic and reusable materials
native and drought-tolerant plants that are children and pet friendly
rainwater catchment and greywater systems
edible, herb and food forest type gardens
amenities such as raised beds, decks, a chicken coop, fruit trees, composting, and spaces for fun and relaxation

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Call 408-665-2621 or email at to ask for a free home visit.
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