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South East
South Carolina

David grew up in South Carolina and earned a B.S. (2010) and M.S. (2012) in civil engineering from Clemson University. His master’s research involved greywater treatment and reuse, which is how he learned about Greywater Action. David now works as a Project Engineer with a consulting firm in Charleston, SC, and is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE). His experience is primarily in municipal water/wastewater infrastructure. He is also an Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) and is passionate about sustainability.

David has some construction experience acquired through mission trips and service projects; however, he is not a licensed contractor. David would love to talk with you about greywater (or water sustainability in general) and brainstorm what might be appropriate for your home/project. The best way to reach him is by email.

Note: As of September 16, 2014, this is the current legal status of greywater in SC (according to an SCDHEC official): “Greywater is treated the same as wastewater for the purposes of disposal. Greywater could be used inside a home for things like flushing toilets (if consistent with local building and standard plumbing codes), but if discharged is treated as wastewater (needing either connection to a sanitary sewer or a septic system).” Many people have asked about this so I am posting it here for easy reference. But please don’t let it discourage you from talking to me! Talking about greywater is still legal. 🙂