Latest Past Events

Greywater and Rainwater Webinar (free)

Ventura Water agency is hosting this free, virtual webinar about rainwater harvesting and greywater reuse.   Greywater/Rainwater Harvesting About this event Learn how to collect rainwater and reuse household greywater to irrigate your landscape with Laura Allen. Register with Ventura Water here.

Hands-on laundry-to-landscape workshop (Portland)

Learn hands-on how to install a laundry-to-landscape system in a Portland yard About this event Learn hands-on how to install a simple laundry-to-landscape system in your own home. You will learn how to install a simple three-way valve in your laundry room, connect the pipe from your washing machine to your landscape, and how to […]

Greywater 101 (free) in Portland

Come learn about greywater at this free even!   Learn about common and popular greywater systems, design considerations, water saving potential, costs, regulations, health and safety, soaps and products, and how to choose a system that is a good match for your home and landscape. Presenter Laura Allen: Laura is a founding member of Greywater […]