Greywater System Maintenance Videos

Simple greywater systems, like the laundry-to-landscape and branched drain system, need maintenance about once a year, in addition to routine visual inspection of the plumbing parts and connections near the washing machine (for L2L systems).

  • 3-way valve and autovent (in L2L system). Do a quick visual check for leaks when you’re doing laundry (and make sure label is in place). Replace the autovent if it leaks.
  • Greywater outlets. Check for even distribution. Unclog lint or hair built up in the outlet. (L2L system) Open ball valves and unclog with a small stick (there may be a glob of gunk in the valve). If needed, flush the system with a garden hose.
  • Mulch basin below greywater outlet. Check for signs of pooling. As mulch decomposes, the basin will drain more slowly. Remove and compost decomposed mulch and replace with new mulch.

These three videos show basic maintenance tasks for a laundry-to-landscape, branched drain, and kitchen sink greywater system.