Need a Greywater Installer?

If you can’t find a trained greywater installer in your town it is still possible to get quality professional assistance, though you’ll need to do some preparation work.

Here’s the process we recommend:

First, educate yourself about different types of greywater systems, their maintenance requirements, and if they’ll meet your irrigation needs. Visit the Resource page and watch the videos to get basic info, or read the downloadable articles and manuals listed.

If you are doing a major remodel, or building a new home, talk to your architect, general contractor, and plumber early on and frequently throughout the project. Make it very clear what you want and be sure they understand how to do it. For example, if you want a gravity irrigation system make sure the plumbing is installed so there is a place to divert the greywater pipe that is higher than the area that will receive greywater irrigation.

After you’ve chosen the type of system you want, decide who you will hire to design and install it. If you’re installing an indoor greywater system, a plumber is the best person to install it. If you’re installing an outdoor irrigation system, we recommend you find a landscaper who is interested in learning about greywater irrigation. Unless they’ve received training on greywater irrigation design, plumbers are usually unfamiliar with plants and irrigation, which is a major part of the system. Let your landscaper find a plumber to do any plumbing work that is out of their skill set.

If you already have a trusted landscaper or handyperson whom you have a good relationship with, consider supporting them to be trained in greywater system installation. Some people send their landscaper to our 5 day training in exchange for building a system at their house after the course.

Here are some groups and businesses in other parts of the country who may have more local advice for you.

  • Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona: Watershed Management Group
  • Maryland: Nutricycle Systems
  • California: High-end residential and commercial scale systems.Watersprout, Hyphea Design Lab.
  • Commercial scale firms: 2020 Engineering (Washington), Wahaso