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I’m looking for plans to build a greywater raised bed.  I am imagining sometime like a wicking bed design (water resevoir in the bottom), or something similar to the indoor greywater garden beds in the earthship houses.

My bed will be raised and lined with pond liner, next to/an extension of my porch.  It will get water from the kitchen sink and the shower (which isn’t much).  I’m considering rainwater from the roof gutters, but not sure about designing surge protection from a big storm.  I think I get the gist of how these work, but I’ve never done it.  I’m looking for detailed plans or any advice to avoid problems that I haven’t considered yet.  I’ve used wicking beds before, but since this one will be taking greywater I want to make sure it is cleaning the water adequately and I don’t end up with a nasty anaerobic mess.  Once I build it the bed will be too big to move and complicated to undo any problems.  I’d like to build it right the first time…

Any technical plans, links, thoughts, advice?

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If you’re planning something like the greenhouse beds used in Earthships there is a lot of info on them on-line, including construction videos. I would explore their resources. Sorry not to be of more help with specific designs.

Generally speaking, I would not put rainwater into the system, you’ll have too much water and can more easily manage the rainwater separately.

And make sure you have good screens to keep kitchen sink gunk out of the system, and have an easy to clean filter for this water before it goes into the bed (some sort of woodchip filter).

Good luck with your project!

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