Save your trees during the drought

Apple treeProtect your trees from the drought by watering them with your laundry greywater. Learn about an affordable and simple method to save your trees with greywater!

Save Your Trees During the Drought

The drought is back. What can you do? Reducing outdoor irrigation is an important first step, but if you stop watering all together your trees can suffer.

In this free class you'll learn how you can protect your trees by reusing household greywater.  We'll discuss the laundry-to-landscape system, one of the simplest and most affordable greywater systems, and it doesn't even need a permit. Some water agencies even offer financial support for this system.


Module 1 How to save your trees with greywater
Unit 1 How to save your trees with greywater  
Unit 2 Next steps and resources  
Unit 3 Live install