I live in Happy Valley OR, next to Portland, and have an additional dwelling unit on my 1.7 acre former farm, property.  I would like to convert the ADU toilet to a NSF 41 certified composting toilet and will need to get a good greywater system as well.   Currently, the ADU and the main house are in a grandfathered in septic system, though the ADU was not legally permitted to be added to the septic system, and the county sewage system will NOT approve adding the ADU to the septic system.  With a cost of over $30,000 for a sewage permit and another $10,000 for plumbing connection costs, I can save about $20,000 in costs, if I can get a tandem composting toilet greywater system instead of the county sewage.   The state of Oregon appears to say that I can legally do this, if done up to standards. However, the city and county don’t want me to do this composting toilet, though give little info on why they will dispute this construction, beyond stated fears I “will not remove waste in a timely fashion”.  The location of the composting toilet, and greywater system will be about 75 ft from a creek which runs along 3 borders of my property, which will effect the permitting.  The other side of the creek is a 10 acre nature park.  I have been unable to locate contractors in the metro Portland area who can help create this.  The listed contractors I found here on Greywater action, for the Portland area don’t seem to exist any longer, or have not responded to 2 emails in 2 weeks.  If anyone has useful info on my problem, I would welcome it.  I have also contacted Recode.  Info on certified contractors of grey water systems, in the Portland area, preferably also able to perform composting toilet installations, or able to work well with any contractors composting toilet companies would in itself be very helpful.

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