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Hi all,

I’ve been having a very hard time finding any codes for installing a composting toilet in Accessory Dwelling Units in Berkeley. I know it can be a bit murky, and that a lot of codes which allow composting toilets require at least one other toilet in the building to be connected to the plumbing.

Does anyone know where I can find more info on this for Accessory Dwelling Units?



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There currently is not a composting toilet code for California (or Berkeley), so if you want your unit to be legally habitable you need one flush toilet connected to the sewer. If you have that, there is nothing that says you can’t also have a composting toilet.

There will be a new composting toilet code coming out soon in IAPMO’s green supplement, though it won’t be in CA’s main body of the code it will at least exist so may help people like you get a permit under the Alternative Methods and Materials section of the code.

The San Francisco PUC has a process for getting a permit for composting toilets on sites without water/sewer.

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