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Hello installers,

Has anyone tried using ball valves after the double ell to allow client to direct flow to different parts of the garden. Clients have future rainwater distribution in mind and would like to customize greywater flow to different mulch basins based on future needs. I get the main potential problem would be if an ignorant user came along and closed them all – the alternative is to ask the client to adjust the double ells – this feels a bit too much of a finesse operation?

This is mostly an academic question since it seems ill-advised in practice. I’m just curious if anyone’s tried it for some reason and whether the couple feet of stagnant water behind the valve would be problematic as well (turning putrid)…?

Thoughts, considerations, stories?



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I would use a 3-way valve instead of ball valves, and send water to either one location or another. That would avoid the stagnant water behind a valve.

Seems like a better solution would be to plan where the rainwater is going to go, then send the greywater somewhere else!

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