The idea is to reuse the washing machine and the shower, but filtered and stored.

Stored because I live alone and I might not use all that water everyday, specially on laundry days.

Filtered by the fern’s roots.

Do you have a better idea on the kind of plant to filter?

May you advise on the size of tanks and number of plants?

By the way all this will happen in my apartment on a second floor.

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Hi Juan,

I apologize for missing this post and not responding till now. I don’t have experience with the system you are describing– indoor treatment with plants. My advice would be to start small and possible reconsider your plan depending on what your needs are for the water. I’m wondering what you want to use the water for? And if you’re imagining the system all being indoors? You may want to look into Living Machine type systems to see some options, or Earthships.

To answer your question about type of plants- it doesn’t seem to matter so much so long as the plant is happy growing in the saturated conditions.

If you are able to have an outdoor system, or even one in a greenhouse outside, I think it will be an easier project than trying to have it inside your apartment.

Good luck with your project!


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