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I recently built brand new house and spent money to install separate lines for collecting grey water.

Plumber installed 3 way valve at final outlet so water can either be diverted to sewer line or to collect in a tank as grey water.

Now this 3 way valve is about one ft below my dirt level. Now question is how I can collect this grey water in a tank. What are my options?

One obvious option is to  dig hole below this valve to install tank and then use pump. Digging a hole will be more labor intensive and will be difficult to clean tank in future.

Is there something called check valve I can use so tank can be kept above this valve? I read about this but not sure how this will work.

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

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In your situation you’ll need to dig a hole for a tank that is lower than the valve. A check valve keeps water from flowing back, but it won’t make water flow up- you’ll need a pump for that. (You will use a check valve after your pump so water doesn’t flow back down into the tank.)

My book, The Water-Wise Home, has details on tank installation and pumped systems.

Good luck with your project!

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