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I am installing a tub but lack clearance to install a p trap without either raising the tub or cutting concrete.  The drain is a short run dumping (without contact) into an existing landscape drain that drains into a drywell in the back yard.

  1. Is the trap necessary? If no, Is there a way to prevent critters from climbing in?
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Sorry for the slow reply.

The trap is necessary to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home, but if the drain is not connected to the sewer then the trap is not needed. (Code compliance is a separate consideration and a trap is always required.)

To prevent critters from coming in you could install a backwater valve in the drain, somewhere accessible.

Greywater should only be discharged into the landscape is there is enough separation from groundwater, so be sure your drywell isn’t putting the water too deep or too close to the water table (typically a 2-3 foot separation is required.).

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