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10 yrs ago my septic system (front yard)  showed signs that is was not handling large discharge of water from laundry.  (ground was wet around tank)

My solution was to divert laundry discharge to a system I built in the back yard.  Later, I added water draining from the bathtub and bathroom sink to this discharge.

The system consists of a plastic 55 gallon drum with multiple perforations and surrounded with rocks buried in the back yard.  Discharge of water from the house was via 2″ PVC connected to top of barrel.   This was buried about 6 ft underground. (top of barrel about 18″ below level ground)  I also installed a vent with a cap close to ground level.

After a few months, it appeared this solution could not handle the volume of water.  At about 5″ from the top of the barrel, I connected 2″ PVC which ran to what might be considered a drain field.  The field is about 8′ away from the barrel.  The field consisted of two 4″ perforated PVC pipe about 15′ long.  These were buried in rocks, 3′ lower than the top of the barrel to insure downhill flow.   Other than topsoil, the ground is very sandy in my area.

This has been working fine for 10 yrs.  My septic handles only sanitary waste from a toilet and kitchen sink.  Also discharging into the septic is another toilet and bath in an upstairs guest room that it very rarely used.

In the next couple years, I am considering selling the house.  We”ve lived here 33 yrs and wonder what, if any issues I’d have with county sanitary regulations of home inspection for sale?

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I would talk to a local real estate agent about this.  They should have an idea of the local regulations. In some places you can sell properties with the wastewater system not up to code so long as you disclose it and the buyer is okay with the situation, but other places may require the wastewater system to be up to code and inspect for it. Your county’s department of the environment may also have info about this on-line.

Good luck!

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