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Hi folks.

I’m looking at potentially installing a greywater system at a house in Maine. If I understand the regulations in my state correctly, a system has to have either a septic tank or an “output filter” to be legal. So, I’m looking at systems with filters, even though I’d rather not.

I ran across this the other day:

From what I’ve read on their website, it seems like a decent option. But I can’t find reference to it anywhere else online. Has anybody had experience with this company? Are they real? Is this product ok in general?

My goal with the system is to install this and free-standing composting toilets in lieu of conventional septic. The objective is safe and effective wastewater disposal for a reasonable price, not necessarily water reuse.

Thanks in advance!

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I have never seen that product before. I wouldn’t really call it a greywater system, rather a modified septic/disposal system. But it seems like it would meet your goals if it works, and it is much cheaper than a septic. For the price, it seems worth trying at least!

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