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What is the current thinking regarding utilising kitchen sink greywater.

I’d like to install the “basic” direct pipe mulch sink hole approach, without any filters or traps or other gear.

Can I send anything non-chemical down this route and let it decompose naturally ? (with the recommended twice annually mulch hole cleaning).

Is this OK for all types of plants ?

I’m in Spain so we have NO regulations (about anything !) here.



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Having no regulations makes this much easier to answer 🙂

I recommend installing  a “branched drain” system, which is just like how you describe except you’ll split up the flow of water so it enters multiple mulch basins or mulch pits. This spreads out the organic material from the sink water so each mulch basin lasts longer before you’ll need to maintain it. Kitchen water is much gunkier and more prone to clogging the mulch basins than any other source of greywater. I think 4 outlets into 4 basins of mulch would be a minimum number you’d want for a house that uses their sink frequently. Make the basins nice and big with lots of mulch underneath the greywater outlet.

Good luck with the systems!


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