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Our children use our front lawn daily, so we aren’t ready to convert to garden or other landscape yet. I would like to use the greywater from our laundry to water the grass. Does anyone have plans for a L2L system for grass?

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You can’t feasibly water a lawn with a “laundry to landscape” system (the L2L system delivers water to 8-20 outlets, which are located inside a mulch basin).

Just so you know, surface irrigation isn’t code compliant, In California greywater is required to be discharged under 2″ of some sort of cover.

That said, many people do water their lawns with greywater, by carrying it in buckets and dumping it directly onto the lawn. Some even hook up a large 1″ flexible hose and run it from the washing to the lawn.

There are systems that irrigate lawns subsurface, but these systems are quite sophisticated and expensive (see the company Water Sprout in Oakland for examples).

If you have other plants to irrigate I encourage you to consider irrigating them with the laundry water, and reducing the size of the lawn, or using another type of ground cover that is less water intensive to grow.


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