I’m building my house and installing a greywater recycling system.
I would like to know if I need to install odor traps on the shower drains. We live in a tempered Mediterranean climate.


  • Ignacio Joannon
    Thanks Laura. I don’t have a standard plumbing neither need to follow any codes. I just want no odors from the shower drain. From your answer I understand that if we operate the system in the right way, there will be no odors there. I have no prior experience with graywater so I was not sure if there would be odors from the graywater tank that could reach back to the shower.
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Greywater systems typically have a diverter valve installed in the regular plumbing, which has traps and vents. If your home has standard plumbing, with traps and vents, you will divert after the trap and vent for each greywater fixture.

However, sometimes it’s not possible to do this, or the home doesn’t have conventional plumbing, in which case you may divert greywater directly from the drain line of the fixture without a trap. (This is not compliant with most greywater codes, fyi, permitted systems need traps and vents and for the diversion to occur after them.) Keep in mind that the function of a trap is to prevent sewer gasses from entering the home. But, if the fixture is only connected to a greywater system, and not the sewer/septic, then there are no sewer gasses to be protected from.

Hope this makes sense.



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