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I am trying to design a bathroom capability to have a urine diverting toilet.  The bathroom will also have a sink.  I was hoping to run the sink water, and urine, into a filtering greywater system.  I was told by a toilet marketer that all states have deemed urine, greywater.  i.e. that urine can be included with sink water and be filtered through a greywater system (I cannot confirm that).  I cannot find any references to the above…only definitions that greywater consists of ‘water’ from home applications.  Any input greatly appreciated.

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I’ve never heard anywhere that urine is considered greywater. What state are you in? If you’re seeking a permit for the urine diversion into the greywater system you’d need to talk to your local regulator and see what they think.

If you are combining urine into the greywater system you’ll have a much higher nitrogen content and will need to be mindful of your ground and surface water situation to ensure you don’t cause nutrient contamination.

I discuss these considerations in the composting toilet chapter of my book, The Water-Wise Home, which could be useful to you.

Good luck with your project!


  • Laura
    I see from your other post you are in Ohio. Here is a link to the code, and urine is not considered greywater. (D) GWRS shall meet the following requirements: (1) Gray water discharged to all GWRS shall only consist of domestic type flows having the consistency and strength typical of gray water from domestic households. The source of gray water may include water from bathing, showering, washing clothes or laundry sinks. Gray water shall not contain water used to wash diapers, or other materials soiled with human excreta or infectious materials, or wastewater that has come in contact with toilet waste, toxic substances, cleaning chemicals other than soap, water softener backwash or any other hazardous household products;
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