so we have a new construction build.and its in western  Colorado.its a 6200ft and it gets cold but not extreme. say 20 degrees to zero is the average cold. and 90 as the high

so our county does permit gray water systems with 2 main points for our project.

  1. after exiting the house below grade the gray water must enter a buried tank sized at 600 gallons for the 3 bdrm house.
  2. no surface distrubution of gray water .

we have good slope , about 1.5″ per foot, soil is clayey ,loam and some gravel, percs around 19 minutes per inch. we have 12″ of rain per year and the site is sunny south slope. Family of 5 with 3 small kids, currently using 60 gpd, max 175 gallons per day

so phase 1 . we want to send all the gray water to a single mulch basin. due to budget and time.  mulch basin total 72 sf on the low side – 210 on the high side  i havent found any info on  how to size the mulch shield /outlet chamber?


phase 2 . will be branched drain system to water fruit trees. and phase 1 will be used for winter diversion or possibly berry/bamboo patch.


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