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My washing machine is about 3 feet below grade (the hose actually dumps into a pipe right about at grade)  We live in an old split level with about 7 different levels!  My husband says we cannot put in a L2L because it is not above grade.  I feel like there is enough umph in the machine pump to get it out to the landscape- which is pretty darn close to  the machine (the farthest mulch basin would be 30 feet or so.  Can anyone weigh in on this (very friendly) marital dispute?

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It’s hard to give a definitive answer… but it would probably be fine.

It would be fine to try it and see if the machine is happy or not (if the machine isn’t happy it won’t discharge the water).

You can also build a small platform to elevate the machine slightly to get more oomph (cinder blocks are easy to use).

If it were my machine I would put it on a small platform and try it.

Good luck!

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