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We are doing a branched drain greywater setup to serve (3) apple trees; we found the Greywater Green Landscape book to be AMAZING.  We decided on the (3) apple trees after researching what would work for our area, soil, size, sunlight, and pollenators for each other.  There is not room for (4) trees in this area.

I cannot find a splitter that can split to 1/3.  On page 125, the ‘Loop-de-loop’ style is suggested to help compensate, but all three trees need equal amounts of water.  I am worried that sending 1/2 of the washing machine output (28 gallons/load @ 3-4 loads/week) is too much for one tree while they are young; we are zone 7a so in winter this is borderline overkill as is.  I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything on splitting to 1/3.   Is this a such thing? Am I just not thinking enough outside of the box here?  The only other thing I can think is to utilize a diverter and use an underground pit occasionally.  Any suggestions would be so really appreciated.

Unrelated sidenote – the free access to information on your page is such a great resource.  Reuse of water is such a neat concept and hopefully can continue to gain traction.  We are on a farm and our animals (horses, goats) and us all live off of an old spring and cistern setup, so water is treated like the precious limited resource that it is.  Running out of water on July 4 while family and friends are over will forever serve as a lesson learned!  Being able to utilize the greywater that was previously just dumping into a 80 year old pit (before a root cracked the pipe and spiraled us into the world of greywater recycling) is so huge for our family and we thank you all!


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Unfortunately there is no 1/3 splitter on the market. I know someone who 3-D prints them though! In your situation I would split into 4 outlets and locate them so the trees can share some water (by putting an outlet in between trees). This is imperfect but the trees shouldn’t mind. And so long as the soil drains you shouldn’t have an issue with “over watering” the trees, though it won’t be the most efficient use of the water.

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