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Installing a L2L greywater system.  What is the best tool for trenching for the 1″ poly feed line? Soil is pretty hard here and digging by hand will take forever with a trench shovel. How deep should the trench be? Do I backfill the trench with soil or mulch? Thanks.

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Hi, When the soil is compacted, I usually use the 3″ end of a pickax to loosen the soil up, then clean up with a 3″ trenching shovel.

If it’s really bad, I have used a soaker hose to dampen the trench path.

One thing to note is that you don’t HAVE to bury the tubing, you could mulch over the whole thing.

The back fill should be soil, not mulch. If you will be driving over the area switch to PVC for that part.


Hope this helps.

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