I’m looking into greywater systems for a new community building in Southern California. There is an influx of “clean” greywater (no soaps etc.) one day a week. There are close to 200 people using the wash basin. How difficult would it be get a system to reuse that water into the toilets? Will the system be very costly and require a lot of permitting? The other option is to use that water for irrigation. There will be close to 5700 sqft of landscaped area with the following plants

Senegal Date Palm (11)

Chinese Flametree (11)

Australian Willow (25)

Shrubs – Little John (274), Pink Lady (95)

Ground Cover – Gold Rush, Autumn Sage, Rosemary

What would be the best system to put into place?


Thank you for your help.

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In general it’s more difficult to get permitting for indoor (toilet flushing) reuse systems than for outdoor irrigation systems. You can do some basic calculations to see if the water quantity from the wash basins will be a good match for the landscape needs, and if it is a good match I would recommend installing an irrigation system.

There are several new systems on the market that may be a good match for you. I would research:

You also may be able to use a customized system (designed by the installer) with an indexing valve that will distribute unfiltered greywater through multiple irrigation zones so you can irrigate a larger area than a typical unfiltered pumped greywater system can cover.

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