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I’ve got a client who wants to distribute shower water via soaker hose or other non-open-ended outlet by means of a sump pump. Has anyone tried this? What kind of filtration (mechanical or biological) may be necessary to prevent clogs?

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There really isn’t any feasible way to make this idea work.

If your client wants a drip irrigation system I would look into using “IrriGray” which has a small surge tank, effluent pump, filter, and greywater compatible drip irrigation tubing. This system requires frequent, manual cleaning of the filter so I would NOT install it UNLESS you get a maintenance contract with the client. If you rely on the client to do filter cleaning at some point they will forget and the system will gunk up and fail (if they are like most people).

Taking one step back, if I were you I would find out if the client has landscaping plants that do not require drip irrigation (eg. trees, bushes, small shrubs) and if so, talk to them about other options that require less maintenance.


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